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1. UDP server client example

UDP example

C++ Builder UDP example on how to work with Indy IdUDPClient and IdUDPServer components, how to send messages, set up servers OnUDPRead event and more. Full source code and project files.

2. Indy server multiple clients example

Server and multiple clients

Indy C++ Builder example showing how to work with multiple clients, send message to all connected clients, count the number of connected clients and how to disconnect all clients using Indy IdTCPServer and IdTCPClient components in C++ Builder.

3. Send and receive files using Indy TCP components

Send and receive files via TCP

Indy C++ Builder example shows how to send and receive files using Indy TCPClient and TCPServer components. This example shows how to use the threaded IdNotify notifications and more.

4. Server client example

Server client

Indy server client chat example shows how to send and receive text messages between server and client how to connect, disconnect and listen for response and how to update the status using the overridden TNotify class. This example uses the timer.

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