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1. PNG alpha blended form

PNG form

C Builder example on how to create an alpha blended, semi transparent forms using a PNG image file. Form transparency is adjusted to PNG image transparency. It can be used to display application messages and notifications. No third party components.

2. Download file example

Download a file

C++ Builder example on how to download a file from the Internet and how to show the download progress in a progress bar. Component used is IdHTTPGet. Full source code and project files.

3. Find files

Find files

Example on how to search for files, how to list the results, choose a folder and more. Full C++ Builder source code.

4. Scheduled task example

Scheduled task

C++ Builder on how to perform a scheduled task. This example plays an alarm sound on a given date at a given time set by DateTime combo boxes.

5. FTP upload example

FTP manager

FTP file upload example using the IdFTP component. This example also shows how to track the upload progress to a remote server.

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